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Early Employee Turnover Cost Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your total cost and cost per employee resulting from early employee turnover. This calculator is intended to function in U.S. Dollars. If you are using a currency other than U.S. Dolars, click here to convert your currency to U.S. Dollars.
Use this article as a reference on how to reduce early employee turnover costs. Read an article to: Reduce Turnover Costs With Coaching and Mentoring.

Consider a specific department, function, or your entire organization which is experiencing early turnover. The turnover rate may be very low to very high. Regardless, early turnover is costing your oprganization. For each factor in the calculator, estimate the number of people who left the department, function, or entire organization during the past year, their average salary, and what percentage of these wages comprised the cost of benefits to the organization.

U.S. Dollars: Annual wage of the employee
(numeric characters only, do not include decimals or commas)

: Total Number of Employees Lost Early

: Cost of benefits for the average employee, as a percentage of wages

The formula which powers this calculator is based on the model proposed by the Saratoga Institute and Kepner-Tregoe Inc.


Average Total Cost
(per employee)

Total Overall Cost
based upon the
number of employees
you have indicated

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