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Advance Mentoring Organization Client Version 1.0

Through the Advance Mentoring Organization Client, anyone can setup their own web-based mentoring program that is unique and customizable.

Each Advance Mentoring Corporate Organization Program can be configured in organizations from 100s to 10,000s of members. The sophisticated Bloodhound Matching Algorithm™ matches prospective Mentors and Mentees based upon such factors as skills, personality, personal information, career background, and industry of focus.

The Advance Mentoring Organization Client also provides training and resources for both Mentors and Mentees.

The Client contains easily customizable pages written in lightning fast PHP allowing you to blend the style and look of your Advance Mentoring Client into your existing website or intranet. Server side code written in database neutral language allows for cost effective, efficient, and rapid implementation.

View The Flash Demonstration of the Above Features
Request Administrative Access To The AMASP V 1.0 Live Demo
View The Flash Demonstration of the Above Features

Advance Mentoring also offers the following:

  • Professional Installation
  • Various hosting and software options
  • Customized domains ( or subdomains of your existing site
  • Optional access to the main public Advance Mentoring site for additional resources, limited employee use, or recruiting purposes


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